Basic Moving Day Etiquette

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Basic Moving Day Etiquette for Movers in Roswell, GA

You’ve hired the movers in Roswell, Georgia, and you’re ready to head out to new stomping grounds. But while your mind may already be on your new location, you may want to take a few minutes to think about the impression you leave when your movers help you vacate your old home. Taking a few minutes to think about moving day etiquette will go a long way towards making sure you leave a good impression with your soon-to-be-former neighbors and your moving crew.
Before your movers arrive, make arrangements to ensure that they don’t block your neighbors’ driveways when parking the large moving van. If that is unavoidable due to your home’s location on the street, make sure you tell your neighbors in advance so that they can prepare. Also, if possible, avoid having your moving crew arrive either late at night or in the very early morning hours, especially on weekends. Instead, have your movers arrive between 9 and 10 a.m., so your neighbors will probably already have left for work or be awake before the noisy moving process begins.
During the move it is considerate to provide your movers with basic refreshments such as cold water or soda during blistering summer months, and hot coffee or other beverages during cold winter months. Many homeowners also spring for lunch, something that is very much appreciated, especially if your movers don’t have any transportation other than their large moving van. Additionally, it is standard to tip your moving crew about $25 per team member. After your house has been loaded up, pick up any debris that may have been left behind, and, either clean your house or arrange for a cleaning crew to leave your home presentable for the next owners.
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